Handmade Soaps for the whole family…even the dog!

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In 1997, Gene wanted to make a batch of soap…just for fun.

Never did we imagine that the “fun” we shared with our friends and family would be so popular. Requests started coming in for more soap, different scents or types and the next thing we knew, we were in the soap business!

Our goal is for everyone to experience the same fun we are having creating quality homemade soap and all the other products that seem to just naturally go with the whole bathing experience.

Real HANDMADE Soaps!

We make our soaps, in our home kitchen, using the cold process method. This is done by taking a lye mixture and adding it to a specific blend of vegetable oils, mixing it until it is ready for the addition of scent and additives, then poured into the mold. Then the soap is insulated with wool blankets (we use my great grandmother’s) and left alone for 24 hrs to saponify. Saponification is the chemical reaction when lye and oils are mixed and the end result is a very gentle bar of soap which contains glycerin, a natural by-product of the saponification process.
We hand cut the soaps 24-48 hrs after they are taken out of the mold and then they air dry for 3-4 weeks before being trimmed, polished, stamped with “Biker B’s” on one side, and then shrink wrapped. The ends of the bar are left open so they can be smelled while leaving the rest of the bar protected. This also allows the bar to continue drying, a really dried bar last much longer.